Benefits of swaddling your baby

Baby swaddling is the practice of firmly wrapping your baby with a blanket so they feel warm and secure, just as though they were still in mum’s womb. Baby swaddling has been practiced by mums for centuries, but modern mums have reawakened this practice as a way of soothing fussy infants, and helping to calm them, especially when faced with the sleep deprivation that comes after the first few months after childbirth.


Still wondering why you should swaddle your baby?


1. Swaddling makes baby feel safe
Newborns are used to the confining space in the womb, so swaddling your baby reminds your little one of the familiar time in the womb, and automatically makes them feel calmer and less irritable.


2. Swaddling replicates touch
Every new mum has experienced the frustration of not being able to rest because her little one wakes up as soon as he/she is laid on the bed! Swaddling your baby helps even the fussiest of babies go off to sleep on their own. The pressure of the swaddle mimics your touch and helps your baby nap for a longer time. You know you’ll only nap when baby does!



3. It prevents sudden movements
Your baby is snoozing peacefully, and all of a sudden, jerks herself awake, and starts to cry. There goes the end of your own nap, mum. Swaddling your baby restricts his/her movements, so they do not startle themselves awake.


4. Reduces risk of SIDs
Did you know that swaddling can reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death (SID)? )? It is usually recommended that babies sleep on their backs to reduce SID, so swaddling your baby and placing her them on their back makes it less likely that they will roll over to the stomachs.


5. Soothes crying babies
Some research has shown that swaddling might reduce incessant crying in newborns younger than 2 months. Possibly, the snug feeling of swaddling relaxes them because it reminds them of the safe, warm feeling of being in the womb.


It also helps that babies look extra cute when they’re swaddled, doesn’t it? Swaddling helps your little one sleep for more hours, and also teaches her to put herself back to sleep. Equally important is how it helps you get more hours of sleep – every new parent knows you can only sleep when baby sleeps!


Learn how to swaddle your baby in the video below:


Find out how new mums can get more sleep here.

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