Breastfeeding Strategies for the Working Mum

You’ve just had your little bundle of joy and then you’re trying to adjust to the novelty of being a mother and what all of that means, trying to comprehend the changes your body has gone through and bonding with this new human you have just birthed.hello

Your emotions see-saw through joy, love, sometimes sadness that things have really changed and a bone deep exhaustion that comes from not having enough sleep.

Take several deep breaths, mum, it does get better.

The time suddenly seems to fly. Her Naming Ceremony was held just yesterday and before you know it, a month, two, and then three passes by, until your maternity leave is over.

As the resumption date draws closer, foremost in the mind of every breastfeeding mom is how she can combine her duties at work and ensure her baby is well fed, especially when her office does not offer day care services.

Here are some breastfeeding tips that can help navigate that tricky road:


  1. Stay determined to breast feed your

Remind yourself of what motivates your career and your decision to breastfeed. This reminder will help to keep you going during those times when your decision to work and breastfeed exclusively becomes tiring.


  1. Prepare in advance.

Will your mother or anyone else be available to help take care of your little one while you’re away at work? If this isn’t possible, find a way to make arrangements with a nearby crèche.


  1. Start to express breast milk about 2 weeks before you resume.

The breastmilk can be safely stored in the freezer or refrigerator for future use. If your baby is only used to feeding from the breast, you can start to feed her from the bottle in advance, so she will get used to it.



  1. When you resume, find a private place in the office, schedule specific times to express your milk and take a thermos along to bring the milk back home.
  2. When you’re expressing your milk, always use clean instruments (hands, breast pump, and bottles). Always use bottles specifically to store breastmilk. Do not forget to label each bottle of milk so that it shows the date and time expressed.
  3. Ensure that whoever is looking after your baby knows how to feed her and how to store and heat your breast milk.

Even though you might feel like you’re being pulled in different directions, ensure you eat healthy food and find a way to get some rest too. You’ll find your balance before you know it.

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