How to brush your baby’s teeth

You’ll see that first tooth start budding from around 6 months old so it’s best to start looking after it early! The earlier you get him into a routine, the easier he’ll take to it.


How to brush his teeth

Your baby will have 20 milk teeth in total so try to let him see you brushing your teeth as much as possible to set a good example for when his own come through.



As a pre-brushing habit to get your baby used to the routine of oral hygiene, try and clean his gums with oral wipes. It’ll reduce the chance of cavities later on and gets rid of any unwanted germs. If he’s not quite enjoying the idea of oral hygiene, brush your own teeth at the same time to make it a game.



Use a baby toothbrush; they’ve got softer bristles that are less irritating on your baby’s tender gums, and baby toothpaste that contains fluoride.


  • Sit your baby on your lap facing away from you with his head resting against your chest.
  • Tilt his head back slightly so you can reach all the areas of his mouth more easily.
  • Smear a tiny amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush and moving in gentle circular motions, start brushing your baby’s teeth. Make sure you brush lightly at first; teeth are still developing so the gums will be tender, but once all the teeth are through you can brush more thoroughly.
  • Remember to make him spit; don’t let him swallow any of the toothpaste as it can cause an upset stomach.


You’ll need to make this a routine so your baby can get used to brushing his own teeth as he grows up. He’ll need supervision until he’s about 7 years old when he should be able to brush on his own.


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