Teething in Children

Teething can be painful time for you and your baby. It’s a distressing process that your baby has to go through but there are ways you can ease the pain of teething and provide some comfort.   When does Teething Start? It usually starts when your baby is around 6 months old. However, it has […]

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Baby Development Month by Month: Month 4

One of the joys of your baby at 4 months is her increasing awareness of the world around her. That brings about other interesting development milestones too.   Growing and developing Your baby’s arms and legs are likely to be a lot more active and stronger. She’ll be able to hold a toy and shake […]

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Baby Development Month by Month: Month 5

Some aspects of your baby’s development are beginning to escalate rapidly – he may even begin to respond to his name, which makes month 5 an exciting time for parents.   Growing and developing Starting to be able to sit up by himself for a few moments is an important development milestone that your baby […]

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