CB mums share their child birth experience

Here are some compilations of birth stories by mums who experienced the joys and sorrows; pains and delights of childbirth. They share the challenges and how they overcame them, The magic and power of birth are ours. We hope you’re inspired🥰😊

I am a first-time mom. The whole pregnancy journey was an amazing experience for me, though I only realized that after I gave birth, I was so scared and happy that I was pregnant. Scared because I wanted my baby girl not to lack anything and at this point in my life I can’t even give her a quarter of what she needs. Throughout my pregnancy period I wasn’t myself, sickness, loss of weight, serious vomiting from the first month till the last month. I started having contractions on Friday and my baby came out on Monday. On that Sunday morning I woke up by 3 am and started cooking fried rice since I already bought the things I needed to cook it with and I don’t want to eat the rice in the hospital, long throat like me. Lol. The main contraction started in the night after I watched the big brother show. I went to the hospital but they sent me back, the nurse said I was just 2cm dilated omo. I came back home and it was hell. By 1 am I couldn’t hold it any longer so we had to go back to the hospital and they checked me again and said I can stay since am now 4cm gone. I then thought the whole thing will soon be over. I cried I prayed, I shouted to the point that I turned to a comedian to the nurses. Finally by 8:30 am on Monday my little princess arrived and the whole pain, the cut, and every fear I had disappeared. I know as long as there is life, I will do everything in my power by God’s grace to provide for my little angel. I can gladly say that am a mother and am proud to be called one and I know I will do an amazing job as a mother. God bless all moms.

Sandra Braide
Love and light to all mothers we are strong and special thanks to my wonderful husband who made this process fun (indeed we were both pregnant)… I took it last year September 2020, went to for a test and it was confirmed… Two months later I had terrible pains on my left side (abdomen) that hindered my movement and daily routine, I went to the hospital where it was confirmed I had fibroid and gave me medication to manage the pains. Fast forward to May 2021, by this time I was in the 38th week of pregnancy, I went for normal postnatal check-up where it was confirmed that I had Protein ++, and a high BP of 160/100 which I had Preeclampsia and needed to be operated that very day Tues 25th May 2021. I was admitted and placed a call through for my bag to be brought. At 5pm my son was birthed with a birth weight of 2.9kg.. The pain was unbearable of the thought of bringing another life brought so much joy.. We are 3months Postpartum with my bundle of joy weighing in at 6+kg.

Rebecca Emmanuel
I gave birth to my bundle of joy in March 2021. My doctor suggests that he induce me for the safety of my baby and I. I agree and the inducement took place and it took 11 hours before my baby came out. I had three tear from the process which was stitched up properly. My baby was diagnosed with jaundice and so we had to stay back in the hospital. After birth my stomach did come I still looked like a 7 month pregnant woman. walking from my ward to the nursery to see my baby opened up the tear and I even got other internal tears. One week after childbirth I started bleeding profusely I was passing out thick and big lumps. I was rushed in for the immediate operation. There they discovered several more tears, they stitched me up again and in all this process I was awake.  In the morning I was asked to do a pcv to check my blood count to see if I needed any transfusion and the test came back 25% which means no need for transfusion. The next week I had another bleeding and passing out of thick lumps in the morning I repeated the same test and my blood count came back 28%. I was scheduled for another operation which never took place. My baby was treated, discharged and we went home. My baby doesn’t suck breast milk because of all the antibiotics they gave me but she is very healthy and strong.

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