Exercise After the Birth – 7 Gentle Ways to Get Active

Your body’s been through a big change. Here’s a list of ideas to help you get moving and take care of your body after giving birth


1.    Work your pelvic floor

This is a small but powerful way to build your physical strength – it helps restore the muscles that support your internal organs, and will also get you ready for more exercise later on.

2.    Strengthen your stomach

Similar to pelvic floor exercises, stomach strengthening isn’t strenuous but does deliver big benefits. Sit upright and gently contract your abdominal muscles while breathing in slowly. Then relax as you breathe out. As you feel stronger, you can build up the number of times you do this and how long you hold it for.

3.    Look after your back

Many new and expectant mums find their backs aching because of the strain of birth and pregnancy. Keep your back well-supported and make sure you hold it straight to help it heal. If you need to pick up something on the floor or stoop down, bend your knees and squat instead of bending from the waist, as this is easier on your back.

4.    Walk with your baby

When you feel ready, take your baby out in her pram or pushchair for some fresh air and sunshine. Start as slowly as you like and gradually go for longer walks at a quicker pace as your strength builds.

5.    Join an exercise group

See if you can team up with other new mums and exercise together. This could be either in an organised class or by getting together with people you know. You can bring your babies too and keep them close by while you exercise.

6.    Stretch your muscles

If vigorous exercise feels like too much, try some yoga or gentle stretches. This can help strengthen your muscles and relax your mind at the same time.

7.    Go swimming

Swimming is a low-impact activity that doesn’t stress your joints, so may be a good option for new mums whose joints are more bendy than usual due to relaxing hormones. Don’t go swimming too soon though – you need to wait until your bleeding or discharge has stopped completely.


Did you know?

Breastfeeding can burn up to 330 calories a day, so it’s a strain-free way to help lose your baby weight.

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    And also do exercises that you’re comfortable with and are not vigorous.