Getting Ready for Holidays

If you’re planning a holiday with your children, get them involved so that they are prepared for the long journey.

  1. Tell your children about the trip they’re going to go on.
  2. Tell them about where they are going, what your hometown will be like.
  3. Tell them who they will meet.
  4. Take your children to buy a small suitcase to put their belongings in.
  5. Ask them to make a list of what they need so nothing is forgotten
  6. Try to adapt their diet before the holiday to incorporate some of the things they’ll eat on holiday.
  7. Tell them about things they’ll be able to do on holiday that they don’t do at home.
  8. Show them pictures of your family back home so they recognise that person when they arrive
  9. Ask the children to decide what toys they want to take with them, Limit them to a certain number of toys or what they can fit in a certain bag.
  10. Come up with a list of games they can play on the journey
  11. Encourage your children to buy small gifts to give to relatives when you arrive home.
  12. Make sure the vehicle you are using to travel home is in good condition
  13. Check the equipment in your vehicle such as flashlight, spare tyre, safety triangle, umbrellas, raincoats and first aid box.
  14. Make sure you’ve got some kind of in car entertainment, CD player, radio, DVD player to keep the children entertained.
  15. Encourage your children to carry their own luggage, they’ll feel a sense of responsibility and more involved in the journey.
  16. Double check what your child wants to take on holiday. Try to keep their clothes separate from toys, drink bottle and snacks. Keep these is a separate small backpack that they can carry themselves.
  17. Ensure you pack all medications and vitamins taken by your child.

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