How to relieve baby’s wind

Every baby is a gassy baby, but it’s spotting the signs and knowing how to help to relieve the pressure that you’ve got learn.


How to relieve the pressure

If your baby is generally happy but gets momentarily fussy then it’s probably their way of trying to pass gas which is completely normal. They can get gassy when they take in too much air while feeding or crying.

Here are our tips for ways to relieve the pressure:


Check your feeding position

When nursing, try to keep your baby’s head higher than their tummy. It’ll make the air come up easier when you burp them after a feed.



Make sure you burp your baby after every feed. They take in a lot of air during breastfeeding so it is important to get that air out as soon as possible so there’s no pressure for your baby. Standing up, hold your baby’s bottom with one hand and put their chin on your shoulder, using the palm of your other hand, gently pat across their shoulder blades.


Baby Bicycle

This technique is one of the most effective ways of relieving gas for your baby. Try laying them on their back and gently move their legs round, similar to riding a bike.



Giving your baby a gentle massage can relax them and relieve the pressure of gas. Try putting your baby on their front for some tummy time, or a warm bath is also a good technique for relaxing your baby and helping them pass gas.


If your baby is colicky, it is not caused by gas. Gas usually makes babies fussy for only a short period of time then they go back to being happy baby again. However, colic can cause gas; your baby takes in a lot of air to produce those powerful cries!


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