Myths About Breastfeeding

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After you give birth there will be lots of advice given about breastfeeding.  However, not all advice is good advice!

Here are some myths around breastfeeding:

Myth : Women who drink breast milk can multiply her milk supply.

Fact : You can maximize your milk production by increasing the frequency of breastfeeding and expressing milk. Drinking breastmilk is not at all related to milk production .


Myth : Women with small breasts and flat nipples produce less milk.

Fact : Breast size is not a factor in milk production.  How much breastmilk you produce is dependant the formation of milk glands.  Getting the right position for breastfeeding is the success factor,  not the shape or size of your breasts or nipples.


Myth :  If you eat spicy food , the breastmilk will taste spicy as well

Fact :  Whatever food you consume will be passed through to your breastmilk.  However, it is not passed through 100%.  If you eat spicy food every now and again then your breastmilk may taste slightly different to your baby.


Myth : When a mother goes travelling her breastmilk should be discarded because it is stale.

Fact :  Breast milk is never stale.  Only breastmilk that is stored can go stale.  This is why all breastmilk that is expressed and stored should be labelled.


Myth :  Breast milk can cure sore eyes.

Fact :  Breast milk can not heal sore eyes in infants.  In newborns their tear ducts are not fully formed, therefore their eyes can still get watery and dirty.  You can clean the babies eyes using a cotton swab dipped in warm water.  You should wipe once from the inside to the outside and throw the swab away.



Myth :  If you are sick, you can pass this through to your baby via your breastmilk.

Fact :  If you have flu like symptoms, for example, you will not transmit this through to your baby because breast milk contains antibodies that can inhibit virus’s or bacteria.  However if you have something more serious like HIV or hepatitis, this can be transmitted through your breastmilk.

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  1. Mrs Adejola says:

    I am a first time mum. My baby is 3 months old and this site has actually educated me. Thank you.