Poll: What Food did you Crave During Pregnancy?

It's important to try and maintain a healthy diet throughout pregnancy, although it's not always that easy when you have pregnancy food cravings! If you're lucky it might be something healthy, but you're little one could be wanting food you've never even liked before. It can be very difficult to resist the sudden urge for food when you're craving kicks in.


Vote now in our poll to share your advice and experiences with other Mums to help them through their journey.


In Pregnancy, What was your Top Food Craving?


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  1. Akpiruo Relu Mary says:

    I craved for banana, fried foods and icecream but I tried not to at too much of it.

  2. Pascaline Damian says:

    Sweet foodstuffs, dairy i ate soooooo much

  3. adenike soneye says:

    Loved sweet food like kilode.cussons rock

  4. Ibk says:

    Non spicy healthy natural food.

  5. Oluyemisi says:

    During my first pregnancy oat meal comes handy from so i look out for Ewa aganyin while going to work. My second i was home all thru so i just love anything porridge. (yam,beans,rice) with ugwu and dry fish.

  6. Rosemary Okechukwu says:

    Pregnancy was fun. I ate whatever I like,thank God my baby had no issues with that.

  7. uju phina says:

    Healthy food

  8. Langafo Pamela says:

    Pregnancy cravings is not an easy thing to deal with. My experience was sumthing else. I craved for all shorts, from fried egg which i ate with eba and many others but in de midst of it all i still strived to eat healthy and also was very religious with my medications. So, my advice to expectant mums is to strive had and eat healthy for de sake of de little one inside and also take her drugs.


    I chose healthy food because Abacha(African dish) to me is healthy food and I craved for it due to the fact that I could not eat anything while I was pregnant without throwing up so the hot pepper helped.

  10. Rosemary Ale says:

    I crave more for healthy food, ate a lot of vegetables. Cos it’s d best for you and the baby.

  11. Adeyemo Adijat says:

    It’s nice to eat healthy food during pregnancy to make u and ur baby safe.

  12. karis udosen says:

    I did not enjoy eating food at home but rather I would prefer going to a friends house to have my meals. Imagine that.

  13. Azurunwa Queen says:

    Tea,pepper and agidi

  14. Olivia says:

    Pap and plantain precisely

  15. I was very conscious of what I ate cos I really wanted my baby to be healthy. I ate a lot of fruits and leafy vegetables.It

  16. Abiodun Akinwole Thythylaryomee says:

    I eat healthy food… During pregnancy… So my baby too can be healthy and maintain normal growth

  17. mrs isaac says:

    I crave for beans so much and black plantain, with vegetable soup and black plantain lastly orange was another fruit I love eating….

  18. Wuraola okagbare says:

    I love spicy food a lot

  19. Olajumoke aladetain gbagi says:

    I love eating fruits,milk,catfish to make my baby healthy.

  20. Johnson Tolulope says:

    Eating healthy was my watchword during pregnancy, craved for food ranging from beans and fried plantain, beans with corn, pork meat, vegetables, tilapia fish, fruits, swallows- the likes of Eba, though didn’t like to take it before pregnancy but found my self coming to terms with eating Eba, enjoyed eating it with varieties of vegetable, boiled egg was also part of my food i craved for, yea, will never forget the day i craved so much for mushroom soup. Above all, never forgot my drugs.

  21. Juan Udoh says:

    I craved for egg, chicken pepper soup, apple, banana, fresh fish pepper soup, cucumber, tea and biscuits and vegetables salad. Luv cusson scent on baby and the smoothness.

  22. Kelvin okechukwu says:

    Sweet food

  23. Lopezbarbie says:

    I craved party jollof rice more and okpa, these two I cn go miles to find.especially party jollof rice, the smell alone makes my baby jump.