Pregnancy Facts & Myths

Once you become pregnant it seems you become a magnet for advice and wild stories from friends, family and even strangers. All this information can be overwhelming, downright frightening and a lot of times misleading.

Over time the topic of pregnancy has accumulated a lot of myths, old wives tales and superstition that is hard to get rid of and we are here to help you separate fact from fiction.

Here’s our top 8 pregnancy myths that go around a lot!


Myth 1: First borns take longer to come

Fact: The timing of your baby has to do with the length of your menstrul cycle. If it is shorter, you are likely to deliver early and if it is longer then you your baby can arrive later. It does not have to do with first borns per say.


Myth 2: You can tell the gender of the baby by the shape of the expecting mother’s stomach. If its high, it will be a girl, if its low it will be a boy.

Fact: To this date, there is no scientific proof of this myth. The shape usually depends on the size of the mother, her posture, the position of the fetus and other such factors but definately not the gender of the baby.


Myth 3: You can tell the gender of the baby with the cravings you have for food. If you crave sweet food, it will be a girl and if you crave salty food more, it will be a boy.

Fact: According to research the gender of the baby plays no role and effect on the cravings an expecting mother is likely to feel.


Myth 4: Spicy food and sex induce labour!

Fact: Another one of the old wives tales, there is no evidence to prove that either of these methods induce labour.


Myth 5: If you suffer from heartburn during pregnancy it is an indication that your baby will be born with lots of hair. .

Fact: Suffering from heartburn is a normal thing to happen during pregnancny and tons of women who have suffered a lot from heartburn have given birth to bald babies.


Myth 6: Being pregnant makes you crazy

Fact: Your hormone levels do change while you are pregnant and this may result that you react more strongly to some things but it only just means that you are the same person who is now more sensitive and acute to the world around you. Definately NOT CRAZY.


Myth 7: If your mother had an easy pregnancy and delivery, you will also.

Fact: Your mothers delivery has no connection whatsoever with yours. The ease of delivery depends on the size of the mother, the size of the baby, the position of the baby, the lifestyle and the diet of the mother etc, not your hereditary factors.


Myth 8: Sleeping on your back will hurt your baby.

Fact: It is recommended to sleep on the side while pregnancy because it increases blood flow. However, you will bring no harm to your baby by sleeping on your back.

The best advice comes from your doctors and your friends who have been pregnant in the past. Pay heed to those over folklores and old wives tales.

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  1. Dayo says:

    The both Myth and Fact is really right because it doesn’t matter whether your mother has a normal delivery or not that the daughter too will have the same. I have seen someone that the mother has normal delivery and the daughter first child was through CS.