Pregnancy Month 1: Week 1 – Week 7

What’s happening to your body in month 1?

The start of pregnancy is conception. About 14 days after your period starts, you ovulate and the egg travels down the fallopian tube.

If the egg is fertilized, the cells that form when egg and sperm meet immediately begin to multiply rapidly. In the following weeks the embryo will develop at an astonishing rate.

But although there’s a lot going on in the very early days, your body won’t look any different on the outside – at first. As the first month progresses, you may put on a little bit of weight, or lose a little if you’ve been sick.

You can do a pregnancy test around the time your period is due.


What’s happening to your baby?

In what’s counted as the fourth week of pregnancy, the fertilized egg implants into the lining of your uterus (womb).

The placenta, which will carry nutrients to your baby, and the amniotic sac, which helps to protect your baby are forming. So are the embryo’s eyes and face, although it doesn’t look much like a baby yet.

In weeks 5 to 7 an amazing amount happens. The umbilical cord, which connects the baby to your blood supply, forms. Also developing are your baby’s:

  • circulatory system
  • heart
  • spinal cord
  • internal organs
  • brain

Little limb buds will start to grow, and the embryo has fingers and toes although it’s still tiny – only about half an inch long.


How will you feel?

While a lot of this is going on, you may not even know you’re pregnant. The first sign is likely to be when you miss your period. You may also start feeling a bit sick – this can start at around week 6 – and your breasts may feel sore.


Find out what happens in Month 2. 


Did you know?

Some women have a little bit of bleeding during early pregnancy. If this happens to you, you should always mention it to your doctor.


How can dads help?

Mums-to-be can get extremely tired in the early stages of pregnancy, so help her get as much rest as she needs.

How did you first realise you were pregnant? Tell us in a comment.


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  1. relu says:

    The first sign I noticed when I became pregnant was a little weight gain because I was still seeing my menses.

  2. Tope says:

    I expected my period nd i didn’t see it, den i realised i saw pregnant.

  3. adeyanju temitope says:

    Pls am just a little worried though I really want a baby but I don’t maybe am pregnant now or not I saw my period on d1st of January and it ends on d 4th after I had sex with my husband but now am feeling tired,spitting,cramps and sometimes I get pissed off by odour,am I pregnant?

  4. Omowunmi says:

    I got to know when i was 5months and 2weeks gone,it was as if the earth will be let loose,at first abortion was the first option but i had a rethink and today i never regretted keeping the baby.Motherhood was fun and sweet.

  5. ayolayemi says:

    Feeling of stomach ache as if I wnt to do my period again, after 2 weeks of my last period. So I get to knw at 2 weeks bfr the next period. Almost immediately I got pregnant

  6. Oluwaseun John says:

    In February, 2017, we noticed blood flow before her menses period but we overload it. So in March I downloaded some apps to keep tab on her. On April 16 was her ovulation then on 23 & 24 April we noticed a flow again and pains in lower stomach. What is the best thing to do? Thanks

    • Cussons Baby says:

      Bleeding before or after your menses could be an indication of something dangerous. Please consult a gynecologist.