Pregnancy Month 2: Week 8 – Week 12

You’re now well into the first trimester of pregnancy. By the end of this stage, your baby will be fully formed. What’s happening to your body in month 2?

Your breasts will be getting bigger and your waistline gradually expanding – you might find that you can’t get into some of your clothes comfortably.

At the end of this stage, a dark line called the linear nigra, may appear on your stomach.

Other people might not notice the changes to your figure at first, but by week 12 your pregnancy could be starting to show. That’s one of the reasons many mums-to-be choose to tell people they’re pregnant at around this time.


What’s happening to your baby?

In week eight, your baby will start to be considered a foetus rather than an embryo. He’ll start to look more like a baby and less like a tadpole as his embryonic tail disappears, although he’ll still be very tiny.

In week nine, his face will be forming including his mouth and tongue. His hands will also be developing.

His ears and nose will be forming in week 10 and 11 and the placenta, which carries nutrients to your baby, will be developing too. His fingers and toes, which were webbed, will be separating.

By week 12 he’ll be fully formed and about 5.4cm long. His bones will start to harden.

Although there’s a lot of development, growth and refinement to go, all his body parts will now be in place including his genitals and internal organs like the lungs and brain.

Your baby will also be moving around quite a lot, although you won’t be able to feel it yet.


How will you feel?

You might find that you become very sensitive to smells at around this time, and that you feel a bit sick.

Some mums-to-be feel a bit moody, but your emotions should soon start to settle down.

You’ve now reached the end of the first trimester.


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Did you know?

Your baby’s heart, which will be fully formed in around week 10, beats much faster than yours – about 180 beats a minute.


How dads can help

Be aware that your partner’s moods are changeable and be patient with her if she’s acting strangely. Exercise is great for expectant mums at this stage, so why not take a walk together?

How did you find early pregnancy? Share your experiences in a comment.

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