Pregnancy Month 4: Week 17 – Week 20

During the second trimester your baby is developing quickly. Find out what’s in store during month 4 of pregnancy.


What’s happening to your body in month 4?

While any nausea will hopefully have subsided, you may start to experience abdominal aches due to your growing uterus.

Your growing bump may also leave you a little breathless at times or cause heartburn or indigestion as it crowds your lungs and stomach.

On the plus side, your hair might be shinier and thicker – that’s because normal hair loss will have slowed down. It’s all thanks to your hormones.


What’s happening to your baby?

Your baby is now growing very quickly and by week 20 will measure around 25cm from head to toe.

His face is also starting to look a lot more baby-like, with eyebrows and eyelashes although he won’t be able to open his eyes yet.

There’s lots developing this month, including his nervous system and genitals and the parts of the brain that will control his senses. His taste buds are beginning to develop too. By the end of this stage, he’ll be able to hear sounds, although his eyelids are shut. And he also has his own fingerprints!

Baby becomes a lot more active this month and by week 19 his movements will start to feel more like proper kicks – you may even see a foot or elbow.


How will you feel?

From month 4 the placenta takes over production of the pregnancy hormones. If you’ve been a bit emotional you may start to feel more in control.

Your growing bump and feeling the baby’s movements will make your pregnancy seem more real to you and you may start to dream about your impending arrival.

You’ll also be producing a lot of oestrogen which may make you feel more sexual. It’s fine to have sex, provided your pregnancy is low risk. It won’t hurt the baby as she’s protected by the amniotic sac.


Did you know...?

Your baby’s brain is busy developing specialised areas for smell, taste, hearing, sight and touch. It’s likely they’ll be able to hear your voice now.


How dads can help

As your partner’s bump grows, she may feel more self-conscious than usual. Make sure to compliment her on her changing shape.


Find out what happens in Month 5.


When did you first feel your baby move? Tell us in a comment

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  1. relu says:

    I felt my baby move at 6months

  2. taiwo temitope says:

    I felt my twins boys move at 5month

  3. faith says:

    I felt my baby kick at 5 month

  4. Azurunwa Queen says:

    Im just in the 14th week,looking forward to my baby ‘s first kick.