Pregnancy Month 5: Week 21 – Week 24

What’s happening to your body in month 5?

You’re still in the stage of pregnancy that many expectant mums enjoy. With any luck, your face will have that healthy mum-to-be ‘glow’ – it’s all thanks to the effect of pregnancy hormones and increased blood flow on your skin. But the extra weight you’ll be putting on might also lead to stretch marks.


There’s no proven way to prevent these, but moisturising is a good way to take care of the dryness that also often comes with pregnancy.

You might also start to get piles (hemorrhoids) at the end of this stage, which can be uncomfortable. Try soaking your bottom in warm water for relief.


What’s happening to your baby?

Your baby’s brain is developing rapidly. At this stage, she’ll start to respond to sounds – so she can hear you talking and singing to her. She can also hear your heartbeat and the noises of her stomach and is becoming sensitive to light.


Your doctor can hear her heartbeat through a stethoscope and might be able to hear it just by putting an ear to your stomach if the baby’s in the right position.


By 24 weeks, her tastebuds will be fully formed and the buds that will eventually turn into teeth will be forming. Her muscles are getting stronger and her lungs and pancreas are developing.


She’s about 30cm long.  Her body will be covered in vernix, a creamy substance that helps to protect her skin in the amniotic fluid. Her skin is wrinkled but will plump out in the later stages of pregnancy.


How will you feel?

You’re probably feeling hungrier – but the idea that you have to eat for two is a pregnancy myth. You only need an extra 300 calories a day.


You may start having cramps in your legs – this is probably caused by a combination of pregnancy hormones and putting on weight. Stretching exercises and warm baths can help, and try eating foods that are rich in potassium, like bananas and oranges.


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  1. gloria says:

    With nine month pregnant is it good to be having sex with your hubby?

  2. amaka chukwueme says:

    when or will i meet my hubby to have a male or female child

    • Cussons Baby says:

      Hi Amaka, It is not certain but meeting your husband a day after or on ovulation day could get you a boy and 3 days before ovulation could get you a girl.