Pregnancy Month 6: Week 25 – Week 29

At 6 months pregnant, you’re starting the run-up to giving birth. Here’s what to expect as you go into the third trimester of pregnancy.
What’s happening to your body in month 6?

It’s goodbye to the more comfortable stage of pregnancy in month 6. You’re likely to get a few aches and pains, including heartburn which happens because your baby is taking up so much space inside you.

During this stage, you’ll start urinating more frequently again, as your womb presses on your bladder.

Your feet might also get swollen and sore because of water retention. Try soaking them in cool water if you’re suffering.

Make sure you mention any swelling in your feet, hands, or face to your midwife or doctor so they can make sure it’s not pre-eclampsia – high blood pressure caused by pregnancy.

You’ll be putting on about half-a-kilogram a week and you may start to see some stretch marks


What’s happening to your baby?

Your baby will probably be getting the hiccups – and you’ll be able to feel it. It happens because he’s drinking amniotic fluid. You’ll also be able to see the ripples of your baby’s movements on your tummy.

The third trimester starts in week 28, and by then your baby will be fully formed although his internal organs and brain still need to mature. His hearing is fully developed.

His eyelids will be opening, he’ll start blinking and by week 29 he’ll become aware of bright light. His eyes won’t be the colour they’ll stay until several weeks after he’s born though.

By week 29, your baby is around 43cm long, but he’ll still need to put on more weight before he’s born.


How will you feel?

At the end of this stage, you might start to feel apprehensive about labour and birth. It’s worth getting as much information as you can so that you’re prepared


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Did you know...?

By this stage, your baby will have patterns of sleeping and waking. He has rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which experts think might mean he’s dreaming – although what about, no one knows…
How dads can help


How dads can help

You’ll probably feel as if you’re getting to know your baby a bit – you feel him kicking and he can hear your voice. Your partner may be starting to feel uncomfortable, so give her the chance to rest whenever you can.

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