Pregnancy Tests and How they Work

Hello there! If you’re reading this, you’re likely at the pregnancy stage of the journey! At Cussons Baby Nigeria we believe in equipping mums (and intending mums) with important information and learning more about pregnancy tests is certainly a topic you would love to know more about! We hope you find this useful because Cussons Baby cares!

Pregnancy Tests


Most pregnancy tests are done by having your urine or blood tested for the HCG hormone. HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. A woman’s body starts to produce this hormone about six days after fertilization occurs and the growing fertilized egg is implanted to the uterine wall. As the pregnancy progresses.

There are two major types of pregnancy tests – the urine test and the blood test.


Urine Tests

A urine test can be administered by a medical professional which is what most women go for in order to get accurate results. However, it can also be done in the privacy of your home which is a fast and easier pregnancy test method that delivers accurate results too. You will need to purchase a test strip, they are sold at most pharmacy stores. Follow the instructions on the test strip, the result will be displayed as indicated by the manual. In most cases, the strip will show a line, a colour, or a symbol such as a "+" or "-". Some digital test strips will show the words "pregnant" or "not pregnant."  It is advised to use the first urine of the day.

A positive result, however faint it appears on the strip means that you are pregnant. At this point, you would need to see your doctor for further advice. If you feel the results are not accurate, see your doctor still. There are various reasons why a test strip result may give a misleading result.

Urine tests are about 99% accurate. This accuracy depends on various factors – Adherence to instructions in the manual, implantation of egg as well as the sensitivity of the test strip used. Most strips work best to detect HCG after a missed period.


In the occasion that you get different results with different strips, you would need to take a blood test. Even though urine tests are very accurate.


Blood Tests

A blood test, on the other hand, is done by a medical professional. After your consultation with the doctor, you will be referred to a lab scientist who then takes your blood sample. Blood tests are more accurate compared to urine tests as they can detect a pregnancy as early as 10 days old.

A blood test works in two ways to detect pregnancy.


Qualitatively - This is used to confirm pregnancy status as it tests the presence of HCG. If the hormone is found in your blood then you’re definitely pregnant.


Quantitatively – This component of the test is deployed to measure how much HCG is in the blood. It also helps in monitoring and tracking the health status of a pregnancy.


Ultrasound Scans are also used to show the state of your baby’s development. It serves as a final confirmatory test. Like a blood test, is administered by a health practitioner. It is easy and not time-consuming.

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