Safe Toys for Babies

Babies do not need many toys when they are young. The most important thing for babies is love and attention from their parents. This is very important for their development and well-being. However when selecting toys for a baby, it is very important to ensure they are made of non-toxic materials and are safe. It is impossible to eliminate all potentially hazardous toys from an infant’s environment but every little bit helps. The following tips below can help you chose baby safe toys and play things.

  1. Choose age appropriate toys: Playtime is an important experience in the overall development of your baby. To make it the best possible experience, choose age appropriate toys that enhance each stage of development and stimulate creativity. For instance a new born will enjoy things which spark their visual or auditory interests. So toy mobiles with bright color objects and sounds, rattles etc are a good choice. Where as a toddler who is active and zipping around needs toys which keep them busy and entertained. Such as ride on toys or nesting toys.
  2. Think Large, when it comes to toys: Toys for our sprightly young ones should be large, at least 3 Centimeters (1 ¼ Inches) in diameter and 6 centimeters (2 ¼ Inches) in length. This is so that they can’t be lodged into the wind pipe if swallowed. A toilet paper roll can be used to measure toys; if it is small enough to fit in the toilet paper roll then it is dangerous for the baby.
  3. Keep an eagle eye for toxic toys: This is one of the rules that are easily over looked. Even if the toy is deemed safe, ensure that the materials it is made from do not contain harmful chemicals such as lead, mercury, arsenic or Phthalates (Plasticizers). Also make sure the toys are well made and are from a reputable toy manufacturer.
  4. Not too heavy or unbreakable and strong: As a parent we try our best to keep are children safe. Therefore when choosing toys, make sure it’s not too heavy for the babies to use or trip over and bump them. Also the toys need to be strong enough to endure chewing and unbreakable. Go for good quality, well made toys for your precious little bundle.
  5. Discard all packing materials: Ensure that the wrappings, plastic and packaging the toys come with are safely disposed. They pose a huge choking hazard.


As parents you are the best judge of your babies needs and wants, it is up to you to make an educated decision and surround your baby with things that create a safe and comfortable environment so that they can explore and thrive as they grow.

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