Summer Season is here…Know how to maintain Baby Diaper Hygiene.

Diaper rashes are common in all seasons, but they increase significantly in the summer months. It’s because the summer months are full of heatwaves, dust, and sweat galore. Even the irritation due to rashes is unbearable for the babies.

Diapers are important for both babies and mommies to avoid the mess. Also, the diapers prevent the babies from coming in contact with their excretion and become vulnerable to diseases. In such scenarios, the only way to keep your baby rash-free in the summer season is by following proper diaper hygiene. You should take some important steps while putting and removing the diaper. Also, you should be careful when your baby is wearing the diaper all day long.

In this post, we will discuss the tips to maintain diaper hygiene and avoid rashes in the summer season.

Prevention is the key– As a mother, you won’t love seeing your kid uncomfortable and crying because of skin irritation. So, your first step should be the prevention of diaper rashes. You can do this by applying baby powder more frequently. Also, the frequency of diaper changing should be more in the summer season than the rest of the year. While changing the diaper, you should wipe the area using the best baby wipes and wash it with enough water.

Leave your kid naked for some time– We know it looks bad, but you should remove the diaper of your child for a few hours. With this, the bottom of your kid will get enough air to breathe. According to experts, the air is the best medicine to prevent rashes. Also, they claim that a cool dry butt heals up better than a warm and wet butt. After removing the diaper for naked time, you should wipe the area with baby wet wipes. It will remove all the mess.

Wash your and baby’s hands after diaper changing– Babies are usually active, especially when mommies change the diapers. They touch anything nasty during a diaper change in the blink of a second, which can be harmful. So, you should wash your hand and baby’s hand after changing the diaper. We recommend changing diapers near the sink so that you can prevent your kid from taking dirty fingers in your mouth. If not possible, you should use a sanitizer or alcohol-based cleanser.

Clean and disinfect the changing area regularly– Cleanliness of the diaper changing area matters a lot in maintaining diaper hygiene. Before you begin the process, you should wipe the changing table. In case you are using a cloth while changing, you should wash it daily with cold water in summers. It’s always advised to keep two pieces of clothes so that you can use them alternately.

Visit your doctor if the problem increases– The points discussed above will help you maintain diaper hygiene and prevent rashes in your child. But still, if the rashes come out, you should deal with them carefully. Some of the rashes will resolve within a few days with home care and medications. But if they don’t and the situation gets worse, you should seek help from your doctor. Sometimes, normal rashes come out to be fungal or yeast infections. Your child might also catch fever due to rashes.

Diaper hygiene is the most uncommon topic that mothers discuss. Sometimes, many mothers are unaware of the fact that there is something like diaper hygiene. But if you don’t take care now, the rashes due to poor diaper hygiene will make your child’s life miserable.

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