The 6 Best Tips To Keep Your Baby Cool, Comfortable and Happy in summer

Summer season is bad for all, but it’s worst for babies of or under 6 months. There is a higher risk of having Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS if babies are often taken outdoors or excessively exposed to the sun. Also, it raises the possibility of skin cancer in babies later in their lives.

Do you know why babies suffer in the summer months?

Babies of or under 6 aren’t grown properly. Their immune system isn’t developed to survive extreme climates and temperatures. Also, their body isn’t ready to regulate the temperature. And thus, they easily get dehydrated and suffer the consequences.

As a parent of an infant, you should be very careful in the summer season. You should take extra care of your baby to avoid the summer impacts. You need to understand that the summer season brings flocks of health issues, which are even life-threatening.

In this post, we will discuss a few tips to keep your baby cool and comfortable in the summer season. But before you read the tips, we request you to check out Cussons baby products because they will make things easy for you.

Don’t take your baby outdoors

Until it’s very important, you shouldn’t take your baby outdoors, especially during peak hours. You should keep your baby indoors, preventing excessive sunlight from entering your room or house. The room shouldn’t be hot. The heat strokes during hot days could be dangerous.

Dress your baby in soft clothes

Overdressing is one of the common reasons to overheat the baby. In the summer months, babies don’t like wearing clothes with layers and full-sleeves. So, you should choose soft clothing. The clothes should be light with no strings and buttons. It’s because strings and buttons often lead to irritation. You should prefer organic cotton clothes over fuzzy clothes and avoid furry clothes.

Choose cloth diapers over disposable diapers 

Disposable diapers are convenient to use. They can be used for long hours and you don’t have to change them regularly. Sometimes, you can use disposable diapers for a whole day. Things might be comfortable for you, but not for your baby. These disposable diapers cause rashes and aren’t comfortable during the summer season. So, you should choose cloth diapers, which let the skin breathe and prevent rashes.

Avoid using heavy massage oils

For healthy bones and proper growth, massage is important for your baby. It’s an essential baby routine that you shouldn’t skip in any season. But in the summer season, you should be careful about the massage oil. You should choose light oils because they get easily absorbed into the skin and help the babies to stay cool. Under Cussons baby products’ range, you will find such oils.

Give sponge bath to your baby 

On summer days, one or two times bathing isn’t enough for your baby. But, this doesn’t mean you will keep your baby drenched for the entire day. To keep your baby cool, you should give sponge baths a few times a day. You should use lukewarm to cool plain water without soap and moisturizing oil. And, you should know the right sponge bath technique.

Feed chilled food items to your baby

You should search online or watch videos related to summer food items for your baby. You should prepare a list and feed your baby accordingly. Some food items to keep your baby cool are frozen breast milk popsicles and fruit slices. You can also some cool spices while preparing food for your baby.

If your baby is cool and comfortable in the summer season, he or she will be happy. Your baby will not be irritated and cry less. Also, it will be easy for you to deal with him or her. So, you should consider these points and keep using Cussons baby products.

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