Tips for Breastfeeding While Taking Medication

It is possible for you to contaminate your breastmilk if you are taking particular drugs.


Are you having to take medication for long periods of time?  Are you on medicines for diabetes?  Or a course of antibiotics?  Or just a one off tablet like a sedative?  Whatever your situation you need to seek advice.


Always ask your doctor before continuing breasfeeding if on drugs.  Ask if there is an alternative to the drug?  Maybe eating lots of fruit and vegetables or taking additional vitamins?  Take medications only if necessary whilst breastfeeding.


  1. Try to avoid medications that contain a combination of a variety of active substances.
  2. Try to select the smallest risk drugs that will affect your breastmilk for the shortest amount of time.
  3. Try to select drugs that are safe for consumption by nursing mothers. Drugs that are clinically proven to not pass over into your milk should be selected.


Are you able to set the schedule for taking your drugs?  Can you time it so that you take your drugs straight after feeding so that they have manipulated your system before you need to feed again.


Always pay extra attention to your baby if you’re taking drugs whilst breastfeeding.  You need to look out for symptoms shown by your baby.  For example, is your baby becoming more fussy, experiencing rashes or red spots, pain or stomach cramps or are there changes in their sleeping or eating patterns.

If any of the above appear you must consult your doctor letting them know what drugs you have been prescribed.


A good idea is to express and store your breastmilk.  If you then have to undergo any kind of treatment you can still breastfeed your baby.

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