Tips for Breastfeeding

A healthy body and mind is essential when you’re breastfeeding.  A happy mother means a happy baby!  Here are a few tips for you to keep producing good quality milk:

  1. Lots of rest! Your mammary glands will produce more milk when you are resting.
  2. Make sure you are relaxed during breastfeeding. When you are stressed or tired your milk production can be diluted.  Try to create an environment that makes you comfortable to feed in and this will relax you and relax your baby too.
  3. Burping! Your baby, not you! After your baby has finished feeding burp them as trapped air can be very uncomfortable.  This will reduce the chances of them waking and fussing during the night.
  4. Try to empty the breast when you’re feeding. This will keep up the quantity of milk production and it will prevent discomfort in your breast as it’s too full.
  5. Give yourself a treat. Breastfeeding can  make your body feel tired and sore.  Ask your partner to massage you to relax you.  Gently rubbing your neck, shoulders and back will make you more comfortable.
  6. Follow a routine. If you can, try to recognise what feeding routine your baby is in. Once you are in a routine you may have time to rest in between and make future feeding more relaxing.

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