Tips for Travelling by Car

If you are planning a long journey by car here are some tips to ensure you have a safe trip:

  1. Check the Condition of your Vehicle
    It is very important before you travel that you check your vehicle. If you are unsure about the safety of the vehicle take it to a garage and get a mechanic to check it out.
  2. Pack Medicines, Food and Beverages and Money
    Ensure you pack enough food and drink so that if you are delayed on your journey nobody goes hungry or thirsty. There may not be many places you can buy food and drink on your way.  You should also bring a first aid box containing bandages, plasters and medication for fevers, headaches and abdominal pain.  Bring enough money in case you need to find accommodation on your journey as you may not pass many ATMs .
  3. Fit for Driving
    If you are the designated driver make sure you are fit and healthy.  Make sure you get a good nights sleep before too.  Make sure you take regular breaks during the journey to refresh yourself too.  Get some rest, don’t think that a cup of coffee will be enough to keep you awake and safe on the road.
  4. Obey traffic rules and road signs
    Keep safe on the road by following the signs and warnings.

Make sure all passengers are using their seatbelts and keep a safe distance from other vehicles in order to avoid accidents.

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