Tips on Finding Household Assistants

Finding help in your home can be difficult.  You may go through a few helpers or maids before you find the one that fits well with your family and your schedule.

Here are some tips for finding help in your home:

1 . Maid Service Bureau

If you hire help through a Service Bureau /Foundation Housekeeping Maid Agency then please ensure that the help can be clearly identified through their papers.  You should always contact acquaintances, relatives and previous employers who can verify who they are.

2 . Get help through Neighbour Or Other Contacts

A great way to find help is to ask friends, neighbours or other acquaintances.   Ask for recommendations from a trusted person.

3 . Family Recommendation

You may know someone who has excellent help at home.  Ask them if they know of another family member or friend who may want to work for another family.

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