Tips to help create a bond between Father and Baby

Dads can sometimes feel left out of conversations about baby care, so we’ve dedicated this article to a few ways you dads can be a bit more involved.

Should there be an immediate bond?
It can sometimes be more difficult for fathers to connect with their babies; they don’t always have the immediate bond that mother’s feel. However, a bond will develop through time spent with your baby and you’ll soon realise fatherhood will prove to be just as exhausting as motherhood!


How to create a bond

First of all, simply talking to the foetus in the womb can be effective in creating a bond. Try reading a story to get the baby used to your voice so they are comforted to hear you after the birth. Also fathers who are present for the birth are more likely to have a bond with their baby as they can hold them soon after, encouraging skin-to-skin contact. This contact can be harder for fathers to achieve; try and take the opportunity to hold your baby whenever you can. A baby massage is a great way to have both skin-to-skin contact and establish a bond. It relaxes the baby and allows you to have the quality time alone with them to bond; afterwards you might find your baby reaches out for you more often.


Mainly putting in the time and effort is very important to create a bond with your baby. Find a part of the day for just the two of you, even if it’s changing their nappy or taking part in the bathing routine, your baby will notice your presence. Physical playfulness is the best way for you to bond with your baby. Not only will they enjoy it but you might too! And the first time you see them smile and laugh, will be the reward you’ve been waiting for.


5 Tips to remember

  1. Practice makes perfect – you’re not going to get everything right straight away, so don’t give up. Persevere, you will get it and it’ll be worth it.
  2. Make time – make time in the day for you and your baby to spend moments alone together.
  3. Step in – don’t leave everything to your partner, offer to change the nappy every now and again or to help them when bathing your baby. It’ll take some of the stress off your partner and gives you a chance to get involved with their daily routines.
  4. Stand up for yourself – your partner will only be trying to help when they tentatively intervene with your nappy changing skills, but you need to explain to them that you should to do it yourself. They’ll reluctantly let you learn and they’ll back off…for a little bit anyway!
  5. Be a feeder– breastfeeding is when mothers make one of the biggest bond with their baby, but there is still a way for fathers to get involved with this too. Provide as much comfort for your partner as possible during the breastfeeding period, offer to help in any way you can. You’ll be able to be more hands-on involved when your baby moves onto milk bottle feeding.

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