Top 11 early signs of pregnancy

Think you might be pregnant? See what the most common early pregnancy signs are.

There are some very common early symptoms of early pregnancy – but beware, some of them are very similar to what some women experience before they get their period.


  1. Sore breasts

Your breasts could feel tender or heavy and your nipple area can tingle as pregnancy hormones start taking effect. The area around the nipple can darken and this can happen as soon as a week or two after conception.


  1. Food aversions or unusual hunger

You might find yourself craving something you don't usually like or find that one of your usual favourites repulses you. Some women report a metallic taste in the mouth that puts them off eating. Alternatively, you may feel like you want to eat all day. Your body has got a baby to grow – and needs some extra calories.


  1. Sensitive to smell

Many women become much more sensitive to smell during pregnancy. There is a theory that this is a protective mechanism – a bad smell can put you off eating something that is tainted or rotten and could harm you or your baby. If this enhanced sense of smell really bothers you, try to stay away from strong odours.


  1. Nausea

Luckily most pregnant women don't feel nausea and morning sickness (which in truth can happen at any time of the day) straight away. It most commonly starts at around 6 weeks and eases off at around the 3-month mark. But some women can feel queasier earlier on. Many women find a simple snack, such as a plain biscuit, can help.


  1. Fatigue

You might feel very tired early in pregnancy. If you feel you're permanently exhausted it may be because your body is working overtime to make sure the baby has everything she needs.  Take an extra nap if you need to.


  1. Mood swings and changes

Because there are hormonal changes in pregnancy you can feel more emotional in the early stages. Some women may find it hard to tell the difference from normal premenstrual (PMS) symptoms, while others will be able to look back and put their mood changes down to early pregnancy. Tiredness and hunger can also make any mood swings worse. Try resting more and eating small healthy snacks. And find someone with a sympathetic ear to talk to.


  1. Bloating and constipation

Finding all your clothes tight round the middle? You may feel bloated, which is again similar to the feeling some women have before their period. Your digestion may also slow down thanks to the hormones circulating in your system. This gives more time for nutrients to enter your bloodstream so they can be passed on to your baby. Drinking more water can help avoid constipation. Smaller meals can help too.


  1. Frequent urination

Your body can produce extra fluids and your blood volume increases in pregnancy so your kidneys are working harder. This is what prompts more trips to the bathroom. It can be especially annoying in the middle of the night.


  1. High basal temperature

To find out when they are ovulating, some women check their basal body temperature with a sensitive thermometer. This has to be done as you wake and before you even sit up in bed. Generally, your basal body temperature is higher from ovulation until you get your period 2 weeks later.  If you have been recording your temperature regularly and notice that yours stays elevated for 18 days or more it might be because you’re pregnant.


  1. Light bleeding, spotting and cramping

Strangely, some light bleeding can be a sign that you’re pregnant. If you get light spotting around the time your period is due it could be because the egg is implanting itself in your uterus. No one is sure why this happens.


  1. Missed period

The most revealing clue that you are pregnant is if you miss your period. If your cycle is regular and you are late then it might be time to take a pregnancy test.


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Did you know?

Some pregnant women feel as if they’ve got a cold. This is because the increase in hormones can cause mucus membranes to swell making your nose feel stuffed up.  It might also make you snore more.


What was the first sign that made you think you might be pregnant?

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  1. Akinpelu Aderonke Adeniji says:

    During my second pregnant its takes like 6month before i could regain my strength unlike my first pregnant.What could be the reason for this please?Am even afraid of another pregnant after 3 years

  2. Cussonbaby you people re the best, becuz you people re really changing the life’s of our babies thanks

  3. Isioma egwu says:

    Wow! I missed my period since 16th Nov but went for test is negative and I have not seen it till date but had sex on my ovulation day. Don’t know again am confused because I have signs of pregnancy. Like nausea and ferver with lots of acne on my face and neck with boils on my neck face and tummy with my thin too.