Baby Development Month by Month: Month 2

You’ll be getting to know your baby better now he’s not a newborn any more – and soon you’ll enjoy his first smile.

Growing and developing

Your baby will be doing lots of kicking and wriggling, and at 5 weeks or so, he may start trying to lift his head when he’s lying on his stomach.

But it’s at about 6 weeks that your baby will provide you with what will be one of your most precious moments so far – his first smile.

You’ll notice your baby following objects with his eyes at around 7 weeks. He may also bat at things, although he won’t be able to grab anything yet. His hearing will become more precise he’ll enjoy hearing your voice.


With any luck, by the end of this phase, your baby will start sleeping for longer periods at night, although he still won’t have fully adjusted to the difference between night and day.

To encourage him to get to sleep on his own, put him in his cot when he’s sleepy but not actually asleep. You’ll probably be feeling pretty tired yourself – check out 5 ways to get more sleep


Your baby might go through a growth spurt at about this time, so be prepared for lots of breastfeeding.

Caring for your 2 month old

You’ll be giving your baby proper baths now, so make sure his delicate skin is protected. Get tips on baby skin care

Playing with your baby

Babies love interacting with you. Make noises, tickle him gently and talk and sing to him – he’ll soon reward you with more smiles.

You this month

You’ll be gaining confidence as a mum as you get closer to your baby and learn what he likes and dislikes.

Find out What to expect in month 3

Did you know…?

Your baby’s colour vision is developing in month two. He’ll now enjoy looking at patterns, as well as brightly coloured toys.

How dads can help

You can give your partner a break and have fun at the same time. Your baby is getting more responsive and will love it when you talk to him and tickle him gently.

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