Caring for your baby’s skin

Newborn babies’ skins are quite tender and sensitive hence really need all the extra care and protection.

Babies are born with a gentle and fragile skin which is coated with a wax-like matter called vernix. New parents are often concerned with their baby’s skin, which is not surprising. A baby’s skin is very sensitive and may probably develop rashes and allergies if proper skincare is not practiced. The most important thing to remember when it comes to caring for your babies’ skin is to handle with extreme care; making sure hands are cleaned before touching your baby’s skin and also to maintain a high degree of personal hygiene. Think of your baby’s skin as the wings of a butterfly – it requires the same amount of tenderness and gentleness.


Remember, newborn babies’ skins are soft and sensitive, so it is advisable to keep their skin hydrated by bathing them with warm water for only 3 to 5 minutes. Do not allow your baby to sit, play, or soak for a long time in soapy water. After bathing, apply baby lotion or moisturizer while the skin is still wet and part dry instead of rubbing it. Here are different ways you can take care of your baby’s skin:


A newborn baby’s skin is generally greased and coated with a white wax-like matter called vernix which slowly peels off during the first few weeks after birth. This natural procedure requires no help in terms of rubbing the skin or applying creams to it. It may be enough to simply gently sponge bath the baby clean during the initial weeks after birth with particular attention to the mouth and diaper area of the baby.


Excessive bathing can rob the baby’s skin of its natural oils which will result in dryness and flaking. So, bathing a baby 3-4 times a week may be adequate. Also, make sure to use mild soap and lukewarm water to bathe your little one. The temperature of the room in which the baby is later dried off should be warm enough to protect him from a chill or a cold. Always use soft, cotton towels to gently pat the baby dry.


Powdering a baby after a bath may not be necessary if enough time is given for air drying. But if you must powder the baby after bathing, it is best to use a safe baby talcum powder which is not likely to irritate the delicate skin. Avoid using perfumed powders that contain chemicals or grainy ones, particularly for the nappy area as it may result in unnecessary skin problems later on.

Natural products

After birth, the baby’s skin requires time to get accustomed to the new harsh environment and its varying changes. Therefore, natural and organic baby products that are devoid of any chemicals are a safer option than perfumed or harsh antibacterial products which may cause rashes and dryness. It is not recommended to test any new products on the baby’s skin to avoid any possible reaction. It is advisable to use products that are specifically designed for babies like mild baby soaps, tear-free shampoos, and gentle lotions. Be mindful of your baby’s developing reactions to the products being used and seek medical attention when needed.

Sun Exposure

It is not recommended to expose the fragile skin of a baby to direct sunlight, especially during the initial months of birth, as it may result in sunburn. When venturing out in the sun, it is wise to keep the baby suitably covered with long-sleeved clothes, full pants, caps, and to apply baby-safe sunscreen on the exposed skin.


Moisturizing is a vital step in skincare for babies because their skin is prone to dryness. Applying moisturizer after bathing may help lock in the moisture and keep the skin supple and hydrated. Alternatively, ointments or baby lotions may also be used.

Gentle Detergents

It is advisable to always wash the newly bought baby clothes and bedding before using them. They may seem clean, but it is good to wash them with a gentle, non-perfumed cleaner to free them of any germs and to soften them. Also, bear in mind that the baby’s clothes must be washed separately from the family’s laundry.

In summary, newborn babies’ skin undergoes many changes both in appearance and texture; so it is important to be alert and mindful when it comes to their skincare products and also, how their skin is handled.

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