How to Save Your Baby from Diaper Rash in the Nappy Area?

With age, babies become curious and active and they increase their movements daily. The movements get to broaden and every day, babies come with something new. These developments in the babies give the best moments to the parents. But unfortunately, the newly discovered or broadened maneuver in the babies leads to diaper rashes in the nappy area. Even if they don’t want it, rashes and irritation make a way to trouble the babies.

As parents, you might be the happiest to see the developments in your baby. But, you should become extra careful when your baby starts growing and making more movements than before. You should be aware of the rashes because if they are not managed properly on time, things might become worse for your baby.

When and how do babies suffer from diaper rashes in the nappy area?

  • Baby sleeping in with damp, wet, or poopy diapers
  • Baby with sensitive skin, rubbing too much against the diaper surface
  • Baby who wear tighter diapers when getting old
  • Baby having runny day or diarrhea

 What should you do?

 You should change diapers frequently– According to the pediatrician, wearing wet and damp diapers for long isn’t good for babies. These diapers not only cause rashes but lead to many severe health problems. Sometimes, the health problems are not curable. So, you should feel and check your baby’s diaper frequently. If you have a habit of forgetting, set an alarm for yourself. You should change the diaper as soon as you find it wet and damp.

You should pat the area and not rub- When changing the diaper, cleaning the nappy area is very important. You shouldn’t make your baby wear a diaper immediately after removing the last diaper. While cleaning, you should be very careful about your hand movements. You should pat the area clean and dry rather than rubbing. Firstly, rubbing is harsh than patting. Secondly, rubbing can result in further irritation in the nappy area because the baby’s skin is highly sensitive.

You should opt for wipes for cleaning – Picking up a cloth randomly for cleaning your baby’s nappy area is not advisable. You should be very particular about the piece of cloth you use for cleaning and drying the nappy area. If you don’t find a suitable piece of cloth, you should opt for the safest baby wipes. The wipes should be organic, mild without any fragrance or alcohol. Synthetic fragrance in the wipes leads to skin’s reaction. In the list of Cusson baby products, you will find this type of wipe.

You should use a mild cleanser – Wiping the nappy area using baby wipes isn’t enough. There is the next step to it before changing the diaper. You should clean the area using a mild cleanser that only contains natural ingredients and plain water. You should make sure the cleanser used is gently on the sensitive skin of your baby and it doesn’t leave any negative impact. There is a good quality cleanser listed under Cusson baby products.

If there are no diaper rashes in the nappy area, your baby will not experience any irritation. The baby will be comfortable in the movements and always happy. So, you should follow the tips mentioned in this post to avoid diaper rashes.

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