Special Skincare Routine for Babies and Ingredients to Avoid

It’s difficult to believe that how a tiny little bundle of joy could need so many skincare essentials. Many new parents even wonder whether their babies really need so many skincare products or not. So, through this post, we will help you to know why your baby needs special skincare and what ingredients to avoid in baby products.

Why Does Your Newborn Baby Need Special Skincare?

The skin of babies and adults differs in various aspects. Here is how:

• In newborns and infants, the top layer of the skin, called the epidermal barrier, is not fully developed for about the first year after birth. Hence, the skin of babies and infants is more sensitive and delicate.
• Apart from having the thin epidermal barrier, the skin of a baby also lacks lipid content.
• The skin pH of babies at birth is greater than 6. However, after birth, the acid mantle develops, which helps in protecting your baby’s skin from microorganisms. When the top layer of babies gets disturbed, their skin can become drier and more prone to allergens and microbes.

Hence, your newborn/infant needs a special skin care routine, given that the skincare products are formulated to maintain skin integrity, barrier, and protection against harmful agents.

When you shop for baby skincare products, first of all, you need to keep in mind those ingredients that you must avoid. These ingredients are not good for your little ones, so it is always better to keep your baby away from such chemicals.

Hazardous Ingredients to Avoid in Baby Products
• Parabens – cause irritation and allergies in babies
• Formaldehyde – can lead to irritation, allergies, and weakened immune system
• SLS/SLES (Sulfates) – can irritate eyes, lungs, and skin
• Fragrances – are associated with dermatitis, allergies, respiratory problems, and other adverse effects
• FD&C/D&C (Synthetic dies) – are potential irritants and allergens
• Propylene glycol – can cause dermatitis and hives even in low concentrations
• Sunscreen chemicals such as Benzophenone, Avobenzone, methoxycinnamate, PABA, and homosalate

Instead of these sunscreen chemicals, you can opt for titanium-based sunscreens.

As a new parent, you will find so many baby products in the market. However, that doesn’t mean you have to buy everything. Just invest in baby essentials, and you are all set. To search for the best quality skincare essentials, check out our range of Cussons baby products.

Pediatric skin care marketing can be very traumatizing as it plays consumers into the fears about the sensitivity of their baby skin and encourages them to buy expensive products, which your baby might not even need.

You may feel relieved to hear that you can avoid a lot of baby-marketed products as they use harsher ingredients and fragrances that are not good for your newborn. When using skin care products, you should pay more attention to signs of irritation and rashes. If the irritation persists even after incorporating products with cleaner ingredients into their skincare routine, it’s time to see the pediatrician.

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