Massage for Your Little Ones: Things You Should You Know

According to experts, massage is an inseparable part of baby care, especially for newborns and infants. It’s an old-age tradition and over and above all the modern techniques.

Massage develops the bones and also speeds up the development. Also, massage in newborns and infants helps ease muscular tension, growing pains, and teething discomfort. It’s very difficult to summarize the benefits of massage in a few words.

People think massage is all about applying the best baby oil and moving the hands in different directions. But surprisingly, there is a lot more than this. Also, there are some important details that every parent should know before massaging their kids.

Massage is defined as gentle, rhythmic stroking of the baby’s body using your hands. While massaging, you gently manipulate the baby’s ankles, wrists, and fingers.

When should you start massaging your baby?

Not actually through massage, but you should introduce touch as soon as the baby is born. It’s because most babies find formal and structured massage too stimulating in the early weeks. An early touch helps the baby to know you.

Talking about the right time to start the massage, there are no set guidelines. No minimum age is defined for massaging the babies. The massage schedule depends on you and your understanding of the process.

In most cases, it’s challenging for the parents to maintain consistency with a newborn. They are unable to understand the schedule or expressions of the baby in the starting weeks. So they prefer to wait until their baby is about six weeks. By this time, the baby’s routine is more settled and behavior is more predictable.

So you should start massaging when you start understanding your baby.

How to massage your baby?

We already said that massage is not just moving your hands randomly on a baby’s body. Therefore, you should be very specific with the process. If you are not well-experienced, you should hire professionals for the same.

Look for a comfortable spot- Experts usually prefer a warm and quiet place. Also, the spot should be comfortable. You should place your baby on a towel on his back so that it’s easy to maintain eye contact. You can use a bed.

Touch the body parts gently- You should start slowly by touching each body part gently. You should spend some time rubbing different body parts, starting from the head and gradually moving down to the feet. You can even place your baby on the belly for a short massage if your baby loves it. No specific time for massage is defined, so you should do as long as your baby is happy.

Cusson Baby oil- The best product to massage your baby

You will find different products in the market to massage your baby but none of them would be better than Cusson baby oil. We have two types of baby oil for the massage:

Cusson mild & gentle baby oil- Enriched with Chamomile oil, it can help to relax your baby, reduce wind and constipation and encourage a restful night’s sleep. Also, it adds moisture to the skin and removes the excess flakes.

Cusson soft & smooth baby oil- Prepared with the extracts of almond oil, it prevents dryness and keeps the baby’s skin hydrated. Also, the aroma of rose oil gives a calming effect and keeps the baby’s skin moisturized.

Both Cusson baby oils are mildly formulated and dermatologically tested. So, you shouldn’t fear using them for your baby’s massage.

With this informative post, we hope you give the best massage to your baby.


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