Traits That Predict Your Child’s Future Occupation


There are so many things that can influence a child’s future occupation/career. However, some factors can help you predict your child’s future occupation.

It’s important to allow your child to explore his or her own talents and interests while still at a young age. What is just a hobby in childhood could be the springboard for a child’s future career. 

The following 6 personality traits may give you a peek into your child’s career choices.


1. Realistic


Some of us have children who never believe Santa is real. Hates playing make-believe, and is always bluntly honest. He or she is a realist and doesn’t like beating around the bush. The thing is, realist children often have a knack for being creative. They thrive when creating things that offer functionality to society.
It’s likely your child may excel in a career that is cut-and-dry like architecture.

2. Artistic

Got a child that’s always creating? He or she may paint or draw portraits of Mum and Dad, make cars, and create elements with whatever they lay their hands on. Also, the one coming up with plays or drama to perform for anyone willing to watch. A child with a passion for creating beauty all around may seek a career in the field of design. Whether their path in life takes them in the direction of fashion design, interior design, web design or a career as a painter or choreographer, there’s a good chance your little charmer is going to find a job where he or she can create, create, create.


3. Investigative

Do you have a curious little one who wonders about everything and anything? “Why is the sky blue?  What is ice cream made of? Why does Dad have a beard? Why doesn’t mummy have a beard too? Why? Why? Why!? You have an investigative little munchkin. Children with this trait will most likely excel in a career as a scientist or a detective.


4. Social


Have that special little one who talks to everyone and anyone, makes instant friends everywhere he or she goes, and isn’t intimidated by large crowds or loud parties? Your baby is a social butterfly. The sky’s the limit for extroverted children, as they make friends easily. It is highly likely he or she will seek out a job like nursing where they can talk to people, all day, every day.

5. Organized 

Find your child constantly arranging his or her toys into lovely arrangements? Constantly making sure the pillows on the couch are straight? Then your little one is organized and may find a career trait as a teacher.

Yes, teachers need to be patient and innovative and engaging, but an often-overlooked skill that helps teachers do well is that of organization. A teacher has to keep track of all students at all times. He or she must grade, record and return mountains of work in a timely manner. 

6. Confident


Is your little one always putting on a show regardless of who is watching? Does he or she light up when singing, dancing, acting or just telling a great story?

Children who are confident are rare. Many youngsters struggle with shyness or self-doubt, especially as they approach their teenage years. A child who isn’t shy when asked to get up in front of people is a real gift. A career that may suit him or her is likely one as a motivational speaker, actor, dancer, singer, newscaster, or any profession that requires confidence.


Tell us, what category your child falls into? Leave your comment below 😊

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