Why Do You Need Lotion for Your Baby’s Skin Care?

Taking care of your newborn baby’s skin is essential to keep those rashes and dry skins away. If you think babies are born with flawless skin then you wrong. It is relatively common that newborns, as well as older babies, can have some areas of dry skin on their body, especially on the face, ankles, and hands. It is usually harmless and can clear up with time but still, you should take care of them with the right lotion and other baby care products.

A baby’s skin is more sensitive than adults and requires proper care and attention using gentle products. You can notice dry and flaky skin along with some funky discoloration during the newborn stage or after a few weeks of their birth. If you think it will go away with daily baths, then think again as newborn babies are not meant to take daily baths. It can make their sensitive skin more dry and funky.

What causes dry skin in babies?

A baby’s skin tries to adjust to the outside environment after birth. During this period, there are many reasons that can cause some dry skin problems. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Newborn skin peeling
  • Overexposure to water or dehydration
  • Reaction to allergens in clothes and other products
  • Use of lotions containing alcohol-based ingredients
  • Genetic skin conditions such as Ichthyosis
  • Atopic dermatitis or eczema

Usually, dry skin problems in babies don’t require any treatment if the problem is not related to the last two causes mentioned above. A normal dry skin problem can easily be treated with some lotions and oil-based products.

Choose gentle products

You can use vaseline or olive oil on those dry or rough areas but, it is always a good idea to use a clinically-approved lotion such as Cussons baby lotion for baby skincare. Baby care products are specially formulated for their sensitive skin. They are non-toxic and harmless as they don’t contain dyes, perfumes, deodorants, alcohols, and other ingredients.

While choosing a baby lotion, read the packaging labels first before adding them to your cart. Avoid lotions or other skincare products to ensure that there is no weird chemical or alcohol-based ingredient. Chemicals and alcohol content can cause rough and dry skin due to dehydration at the skin’s outer surface. Also, prefer tear-free formula to make sure that it won’t irritate or burn your baby’s eyes.

So, if you are looking for the best lotion for your baby, buy Cussons baby lotion from us to keep your baby’s skin healthy and nourished throughout the day. We use mild formulation using ingredients like milk, almond oil, and chamomile to create lotions that are easily absorbed.  Cussons baby lotions are clinically-approved and dermatologically tested to provide the best results without any side-effect.

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