Why You Should Massage Your Newborn Baby With Cussons Baby Oil

For a newborn baby, touch is the first sense that develops, and it also makes them feel relax and calm. Unless your child is premature or it is medically advised, you can start with baby body massage right after the birth. However, some parents wait for a few days to make a massage schedule.

Traditionally, mothers massage their babies with baby oil before a bath. It is a common practice even today because it has many advantages over lotions and massaging creams. Properly massaging your baby, at the proper time, and by using Cussons baby oil can be beneficial for your child.

Here are a few of the benefits of massaging your child with baby oil:

  1. Feeling of Security

The direct contact time that you spend while massaging and breastfeeding during the initial few days of your child will help your baby to feel secure and safe. Massaging your baby with a baby oil can:

  • Promote a strong bond
  • Help them cry less
  • Help regulate their breath.
  • Keep your baby warm
  1. Enhances Blood Circulation

Massaging can help to improve the blood circulation in your baby’s body. At a young age, the blood flow to extremities like hands and legs is relatively less; thus, the more time you dedicate to massaging these parts, the better is the flow of blood and hence baby’s growth.

  1. Improves Bowel Movements and Digestion

The vagus nerve connects the brain with vital parts of the body, including the stomach. When you massage your baby, these nerves are stimulated, which enhances digestion and bowel movement and help your baby to grow.

  1. Relaxes the Baby

Just like you feel calm and relax after a massage, your baby feels relaxed and less anxious after a gentle massage.

  1. Improves and Regulates your Baby’s Sleeping Patterns

If you massage your baby timely, it will improve and regulate your baby’s sleeping patterns by relaxing their tired muscles.

  1. Calm Response to Stress and Pain

When you massage your child with the best baby oil, it helps them to respond more calmly to pain and stress. Keep in mind that regular massage can make your baby less fussy and more comfortable in their environment.

  1. Brain Activity for Premature Babies

Babies, who are born prematurely, respond to massage by developing a more stable brain activity at a regular level.

How Should You Massage Your Baby?

  • After choosing the oil and a suitable time for massaging your baby, the next step is to get started with the massage.
  • Make them comfortable on a mat in a warm and cozy room.
  • Make sure that your baby is comfortable and not hungry or bored.
  • Clean your hands, and take some Cusson’s baby oil and start massaging the soles of the baby’s feet. Make sure your strokes are gentle yet firm, smooth, and soft.
  • Remember, your hands should move downwards to upwards in a circular motion.
  • Begin with upper body massage by making gentle strokes in towards the chest from the shoulders.
  • Massage baby’s tummy gently with circular clockwise strokes, helps release gas.
  • Massage the back of the baby by placing them on their tummy in long, head to toe strokes.

When looking for the best baby oil, make sure to choose the one that suits the weather and your baby’s skin. Remember to dab a little oil on your baby’s skin to see if it has an allergic reaction.

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