Baby Equipment Essentials

It can be a daunting task as parents to figure out the needs of a newborn, therefore we have put together the following baby essentials list to make it easier for you to prepare for your new arrival.

  • Baby Clothes: Tempting as it is to fill a whole closet full of new clothes for your baby, don’t do it as babies grow quickly. Buy clothing that is easy to get off and on and is comfortable. Avoid clothing with tassels, dangling strings or ribbons. We recommend 5 onsies or undershirts, 3-4 dress up outfits, 5 pajamas stretch suits, 2-3 Shirts, 2-3 pull-up pants, 4 pairs of sock or booties, 2 blanket sleepers (winter babies), 1-2 hats and sweaters. This is just a capsule wardrobe; you can then add pieces as baby grows and needs.
  • Baby Bedding Options: If you prefer baby to sleep in your room at night, it is a good idea to invest in a bassinet or cradle. Or you can have the baby sleep in a crib. When choosing a mattress for the crib, ensure that it is not too soft and has good back support.
  • Diapering and Changing: It is not necessary to invest in a changing table if you don’t want to; you can change the baby on a safe surface, or lay them down on the floor. Never leave baby unattended if changing on a surface higher than the ground. You will need to invest in diapers, baby moist wipes, baby lotion, diaper rash ointment, changing mat and diaper pail or trash can.
  • Baby Car Seat/ Stroller: It is one of the most important baby equipment purchases we recommend you make. Investing in a baby car seat and securing the baby in it during car travel is very important for the safety of the baby. The car seat can also help in air travel. You may invest in a stroller system which comes with a car seat, or you may purchase the said items separately as your require.
  • Feeding Baby: Most mothers prefer to nurse their newborns, but it is still a good idea to be prepared and have baby bottles handy. Start with purchasing 6-8 bottles and a brush for cleaning (both the bottle and the nipple), 6-8 bibs, 12 burp clothes, Infant formula(incase you are not nursing or want to supplement). Some mothers might want to buy a breast pump, for ease of feeding the baby on the go or as needed.
  • Diaper Bag: A bag that is prepared ahead of time with stuff you will need to travel with baby. It should have diapers, wipes, change of clothes, one or two toys, travel pack formula and extra bottles, tissues and anything else deemed necessary for baby.
  • Baby Medicine Cabinet: Ensure that you have a thermometer, nasal spray, baby nail clippers, pain reliever/fever reducer (Not aspirin- ask you pediatrician for recommendation and dosage guidelines). Small bandages and medicine dropper and measurer.

We hope this will be a good starting point, and you may add items as and when you need. Most importantly, enjoy the ride!

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