How to Care for Newborn Skin

A newborn baby’s skin is very soft and delicate. Here’s how to take good care of it in the first few months.

Your baby’s skin is continually changing during the first part of his life, and 1 in 3 babies have some kind of skin sensitivity before the age of 3. Here’s how to get your baby’s skincare off to the best start.

1.    Don’t bathe your baby too often. He won’t get too dirty, especially early on, and the natural oils in his skin will help protect it. It’s ok to bath him every few days with washes in between. See how to bath your baby

2.    Keep baths the right temperature. Your baby’s bath water shouldn’t be too hot or cold. Run the bath, turn off the taps and test the temperature before putting him in.

3.    Choose bathing products with care

If you’re washing your baby with soap, make sure it has the correct pH level so it’s in balance with your baby’s skin. Choose one with a pH of 4.5-5. Make sure it’s formulated just for babies.

4.    After a bath, wrap him in a soft towel and then use cream or lotion to moisturise his skin, making sure you choose a product that is designed for babies.

5.    Clean him thoroughly after changing. After your baby soils his nappy, wash him straight away with clean, flowing water. If you need to use a wet wipe or tissue, make sure it’s one designed for babies that’s alcohol free.

6.    Choose clothes and nappies made with soft, thin cotton – not nylon as this can make him sweaty. Make sure his clothes are not too tight – and remember he’ll grow fast!

7.    Wash his clothes with liquid detergent as it tends to be less harsh than powder, and make sure it’s fragrance free and doesn’t contain dye. Wash his clothes separately from the rest of the family’s.

8.    Keep insects away using a mosquito net over his bed. Don’t use insect repellents on him.

9.    Protect him from the sun. Don’t expose your baby to direct sunlight after 9am (8am in very polluted city areas). If he needs to be outdoors, keep him in the shade and use hats, clothes and baby sunscreen products to shield him from the sun.

10.  Keep his room cool using an air-conditioner or a fan – but don’t aim a fan directly at him.

Want to combine skincare and bonding with your baby? Watch our video on baby massage.

Did you know…?

Some babies are born with vernix – a protective layer than naturally peels off their skin in the first week of life.

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